Fla. Receives Nearly $32M in Storm Response Grants

December 7, 2004

The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced the approval of $31.9 million in grants to several state and local government agencies for response to the four hurricanes that struck Florida this year.

“These agencies have delivered critical services to the citizens of Florida,” said Michael Brown, Under Secretary for Homeland Security and head of FEMA. “Their efforts have helped maintain order during the time of emergency, removed debris from affected communities and subdued a potential public health threat.”

The grant funds are provided for a variety of projects and tasks from debris pickup in Osceola County, to mosquito control across the state by the Florida Department of Agriculture (DOACS). Grants also were awarded to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for public safety and security efforts and the State Department of Military Affairs for National Guard (FDMA) hurricane response efforts.

“I thank our federal partners for their continued support and response to the needs of Floridians impacted by the hurricanes,” said Gov. Jeb Bush. “We are grateful for the assistance and commitment our federal partners have shown to our state during the past three months. We will continue to work together to ensure the needs of our citizens are met.”

Following are the awards:

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) $2,308,602 for Charley response
The $2.3 million FDLE grant was reimbursed for assisting the state during the emergency response period of Hurricane Charley at the request of the state Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The services for the EOC included measures for the protection of public health and safety and preventing damage to improved property. Other tasks were traffic control, emergency evacuations, search and rescue, disaster area security and other public safety activities. The mission represents costs incurred during the 72-hour period federally funded at 100 percent during the Aug.14 through Aug.16 period.

FDLE $6,925,806 for Charley response
The federal share of a second FDLE grant of $6.9 million was $6,233,225. It, too, was for emergency protective measures in the Hurricane Charley disaster area.

FDLE $1,137,054 for Frances response
The third FDLE grant totaled $1,137,054. The federal share was $1,023,348. It was reimbursement for assisting the state in providing emergency protective measures in support of local EOCs for the protection of the public health and safety and preventing damage to improved property in the Frances disaster area.

Florida Department of Military Affairs (FDMA) $11,684,073 for Ivan response
This grant totaled $11,684,073. Of that, the federal share was $10,515,665. The reimbursement went to the state and local EOCs for emergency protective measures taken for the public health and safety and protection of improved property performed Sept. 10 through Sept. 14 and Sept. 18 through Sept. 23. The mission was in response to Hurricane Ivan.

FDMA $2,990,434 for Frances response
In response to Hurricane Frances, the Guard received a 100 percent grant of $2,990,434 for emergency measures. That mission was a statewide effort to protect public health and safety and to prevent damage to improved property.

FDMA $4,175,305 for Frances response
Another statewide award totaled $4,175,305, with a federal share of $3,757,774, after the Guard’s activation to provide protective measures following Hurricane Frances. The duties included the support of disaster area evacuations, traffic control, search and rescue, security operations, medical and other support to the state and local EOCs. The cost represents work performed Sept. 1 through 4 and Sept. 8 and 9.

Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services $1,259,792 for Mosquito control
A $1,259,792, grant was awarded the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for statewide mosquito control efforts following Hurricane Charley. The federal share of the project was $1,133,813. Heavy rains from the storm resulted in a sharp increase in the mosquito population throughout the disaster area. State and local public health agencies issued an alert of a threat to public health and safety and recommended aerial spraying to mitigate the threat. The Centers for Disease Control concurred with this recommendation. Spraying was done in the period of Aug. 11 through Aug. 24.

Osceola County $2,201,900 for Debris removal
Osceola County let contracts for the removal and disposal of an estimated one million cubic yards of vegetative debris and 100,000 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris. This grant covers costs incurred during the period of Sept. 18 through Sept. 24. Debris operations are ongoing in the county. The federal share of the grant was $1,981,710.

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