Sedgwick CMS Awarded Employer of Choice Designation

September 30, 2004

Tennessee-based Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. (Sedgwick CMS) has achieved certification as an Employer of Choice®.

Designation as an Employer of Choice is awarded to public, private or not-for-profit employers that demonstrate effective implementation of best practices in attracting, developing and retaining outstanding people.

“Sedgwick CMS is the first employer in the insurance and risk services sector to qualify for certification as an Employer of Choice,” said Roger Herman, lead author of How to Become an Employer of Choice representing Employer of Choice, Inc®. “It has become all too commonplace for employers to claim ’employer of choice’ status without acknowledging or living up to what the term actually means. Sedgwick CMS earned this credential based on the results of a survey of all Sedgwick CMS employees and on the Employer of Choice Advisory Board’s independent assessment of the company’s culture, leadership, care for its people, compensation and benefits practices, success in providing opportunities for growth and meaningful work, employee loyalty and performance results.

“Sedgwick CMS qualified as an Employer of Choice on its first application,” Herman continued. “It requires exceptional focus for a large multi-location organization such as Sedgwick CMS to establish an authentic Employer of Choice environment. For many organizations, the initial assessment serves principally to identify opportunities for improvement in preparation for subsequent applications.”

“In our business, it takes outstanding people to produce consistently superior outcomes for clients,” added David North, president and CEO of Sedgwick CMS. “Sedgwick CMS aims to be the preferred employer for career-oriented claims professionals in every community in which we operate.”

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