MAG Mutual, Graphic Surgery Join Forces to Educate Agents, Lawyers, Judges and Jury

July 10, 2003

Georgia-based MAG Mutual Insurance Company (MAG Mutual) announced it will provide an innovative new software system from Graphic Surgery LLC to its claims and legal departments to educate claims agents and lawyers about surgeries and potential complications.

The agreement between MAG Mutual, a physician-owned medical malpractice company writing more than 15,000 doctors, and Graphic Surgery will bring the Doc-Tour System, an interactive educational tool using 3-D animations to explain surgeries and their risks, to people who defend surgeons against malpractice lawsuits.

“The Doc-Tour system will help our defense team efficiently develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues relevant to surgery, so we can better understand a malpractice claim and prepare our defense,” said Matt Mitcham, MAG Mutual’s vice president of Claims. “We appreciate its complete, standardized content, its ease of use and the quality of the medical information presented in the program.”

The agreement gives MAG Mutual the opportunity to use the Doc-Tour System in court to help educate judges and juries about surgery and its complications.

“This important tool will help juries understand real risks associated with surgical procedures. Juries who have a good understanding of surgery can better evaluate witness testimony, and will find it easier to distinguish between routine risks of surgery and possible negligence. Educated juries make better decisions in court, leading to consistently fair and reasonable verdicts,” said Patricia Gelnar, co-founder and president of Graphic Surgery.

Graphic Surgery is a medical services company, founded by surgeons, and has Doc-Tour System modules in seven specialties: anesthesia, neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and vascular surgery. The Doc-Tour software is available to surgeons, hospitals and insurers on a subscription basis.

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