Oklahoma Landowner Liability Bill Becomes Effective Nov. 1

October 18, 2013

Landowners in Oklahoma should be aware that a bill limiting liability for use of their privately owned airfields will become effective Nov. 1, state Rep. Mike Brown announced.

Brown and state Sen. Sean Burrage authored House Bill 1009 last session. It allows landowners to host fly-ins at their private-owned, private use airfields without being held liable for a pilot’s negligent activity at the airfield.

“The purpose of limiting landowner liability is to encourage landowners to make land available to the public for these activities. House Bill 1009 extends this limited liability to landowners who offer their land as an aviation site for fly-ins at non-public-use airports,” Brown said.

Oklahoma is the twentieth state to amend the recreational use statute to include aviation activities, according to Brown. Amending the statute does not change the “restricted” or “private” status of the airfield. Pilots must continue to ask private airfield owners for permission to use their airstrips. HB1009 was supported by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Source: Oklahoma House of Representatives

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