Cross Border Auto Insurance Provider Adds Claims Tracking Service

July 15, 2009

BestMex, which specializes in cross border auto insurance between the United States and Mexico, has introduced a new claims service through which customers can track the status of their claims online.

This service, formally called Best Claims Service, enables clients who have purchased Mexican auto insurance through BestMex to track the status of any pending claims, even after they have already returned back to the United States.

Standard protocol still requires a claim to be filed in the country in which it originated, but for the first time, customers are able to track the progress of their claim, especially useful for any claims that take longer than normal to process.

Although the claim must still be filed in Mexico, the Mexico insurance claims service allows the customer to follow the status of the claim without having to be physically present in that country.

This new service is expected to appeal to those purchasing car insurance for Mexico for the first time as well as those who have done it many times and had to deal with the frustration of filing a claim.

Source: BestMex,

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