Texas AG Warns of Scam Targeting Credit Union Accounts

June 17, 2009

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott has warned that Schlumberger Employees Credit Union members should be aware of a “smishing” scam that has been uncovered in the Houston area.

Members of the Sugar Land-based credit union have complained to the Office of the Attorney General about receiving fraudulent text messages that claim their Schlumberger Employees Credit Union debit card has been deactivated for security reasons. The text messages claim that cardholders must call an 800-number and provide personal information to reactivate their cards.

The AG warned that personal information should never be provided in response to unsolicited text messages, e-mails or telephone calls – even if they appear to be from a legitimate business. Recipients should never click on links provided in unsolicited e-mails or text messages. Banks do not send unsolicited electronic messages or make unsolicited phone calls asking customers for their personal information.

Customers with questions about the validity of communication that claims to be from a financial institution should contact the institution directly by telephone or in person.

The following tips will help Texans to avoid becoming a smishing or identity theft victim:

  • Assume unsolicited text messages are fraudulent.
  • Become familiar with the financial institution’s policies for communicating with customers.
  • Upon receipt of an unsolicited text message, call the actual business at a telephone number that appears on a bank statement, a credit card or debit card, or the telephone directory.

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