Insurance Checkpoints Continue to be a Priority in Louisiana

October 24, 2008

Louisiana State Police reported that due to the high numbers of uninsured drivers identified during recent insurance checkpoints conducted throughout the state, state troopers will continue random checks for insurance coverage.

During the most recent insurance checkpoint in St. James Parish, more than 40 tickets were issued, with eleven license plates being seized for insurance violations, the LSP said. As long as troopers continue to see high numbers of insurance violations on the road, these random checkpoints will continue.

Troopers continue to see a high number of insurance violations as well as various other violations at these checkpoints. Troopers will continue to conduct random insurance checkpoints around the Troop A area in an effort to ensure compliance with mandatory insurance coverage laws and to increase public safety on Louisiana highways.

There are currently three additional checkpoints scheduled this week throughout the Troop A area, with more to come in the following weeks. These checkpoints will be conducted all around the Troop A area, and troopers will remain vigilant in getting uninsured vehicles off our roadways, the LSP said.

Source: Louisiana State Police,

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