Texas Teen Arrested for Burning Down Grandparent’s House

April 21, 2008

A 16 year old Rockwall, Texas, student has been charged with a first degree felony after setting fire to his grandparent’s home. The suspect remains in detention after confessing to several fires and saying he would set more fires if released.

Multiple fires were set inside the two story home on the afternoon of January 26 in Rockwall. Three Rockwall firefighters were injured while battling the blaze. The house, which was uninsured, was destroyed.

The suspect is in custody in the Hunt County Juvenile Detention Center in nearby Greenville. Rockwall Fire Marshal Ariana Adair said the suspect’s arrest took place after an anonymous caller notified the fire department with information about the fire.

“We had suspected the young man of setting recent fires in the area, but we didn’t have the proof we needed until our anonymous caller led us to him,” said Adair. “There is no telling how much more destruction our suspect may have caused if this brave young man hadn’t called us.”

Adair contacted A Texas Advisory Committee on Arson (ATAC) and asked if their informant could be rewarded for his call and subsequent assistance in helping make the arrest. ATAC agreed to offer the caller a $700 reward for his efforts.

The TAC arson hotline phone number is 1-877- 4 FIRE 45.

Source: A Texas Advisory Committee on Arson

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