Texas Workers’ Comp Rulebook Supplement 2006-05 Available Online

October 10, 2006

Rulebook Supplement 2006-05 containing rules adopted by the Commissioner of Workers’ Compensation is available online from the Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation. The supplement can be printed from the TDI Web site at www.tdi.state.tx.us/wc/rules/tableofcontents/supplements.html.

To purchase a hard copy of the rulebook supplement or a complete set of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act and Division Rules, contact the Division’s Publications Section at 512-804-4240.

Supplement 2006-05 contains new, amended and repealed rules, which were published in the Texas Register on Aug. 11 and Sept. 1, 2006:

CHAPTER 126 – General Provisions Applicable to All Benefits [Effective January 1, 2007]
§126.5 Entitlement and Procedure for Requesting Required Medical Examinations (Amendment)
§126.6 Required Medical Examination (Amendment)
§126.7 Suspension of Temporary Income Benefits Based on the Opinion of a Carrier-Selected Required Medical Examination Doctor (Repeal)
§126.7 Designated Doctor Examinations: Requests and General Procedures (New)

CHAPTER 130 – Impairment and Supplemental Income Benefits [Effective January 1, 2007]
Subchapter A – Impairment Income Benefits
§130.2 Certification of Maximum Medical Improvement and Evaluation of Permanent Impairment by the Treating Doctor (Amendment)
§130.5 Impairment Income Benefits (Repeal)
§130.6 Designated Doctor Examinations for Maximum Medical Improvement and/or Impairment Ratings (Amendment)

Subchapter B – Supplemental Income Benefits
§130.110 Return to Work Disputes During Supplemental Income Benefits; Designated Doctor (Repeal)

CHAPTER 141 – Dispute Resolution – Benefit Review Conference
§141.5 Description of the Benefit Review Conference (Amendment)
§141.6 Requesting Interlocutory Orders (Amendment)
§141.7 Division Actions After a Benefit Review Conference (Amendment)

CHAPTER 180 – Monitoring and Enforcement
Subchapter B – Medical Benefit Regulation
§180.21 Division Designated Doctor List (Amendment)
§180.22 Health Care Provider Roles and Responsibilities (Amendment)
§180.28 Peer Review Requirements, Reporting and Sanctions (New)

Source: Texas Department of Insurance DWC

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