Texas Insurer Group Says Alberto May be Omen for Rest of Season

June 13, 2006

  • June 16, 2006 at 4:51 am
    CLR says:
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    I think that any adult that lives on or near the coast should know that there is a possibility of not only hurricanes, but storm surges from tropical storms that can produce flooding in low lying areas.

    I think if they so choose to purchase & live near these storm prone areas that they are taking into consideration the types of losses they can incur. If they Choose to not purchase coverage, I say we stop paying for their choice to go without insurance.

    If the residents of Sabine Pass or any other coastal community paid premiums for coverage, there would be coverage, but if they chose not to, that leaves them without coverage.

    We do not have a State or Federal fund to cover the costs of Auto accidents if someone choses to drive without insurance & no State or Federal agency picks up the costs that are associated with the damages to the party that was not at fault….

    If anyone chooses to go \”free Willy\” when it comes to their homeowners, windstorm & flood coverages… I say DEAL WITH IT!

    That may seem harsh, but it\’s time that everyone learnes that they are reqponsible for their own actions. I say if they fall on tough times that there can be an agency that will help them by covering their premiums on a very short term basis depending on the circumstance of the situation, but we cannot afford to keep paying for ignorance or possibly their intellect in knowing that they do not have to because the Govt. will!!!!

    God Bless & have a great Fathers Day Weekend!

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