NAMIC Urges La. Legislature to Enact a Statewide Building Code

November 22, 2005

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) has voiced its strong support for the passage of building code legislation during the final days of the Louisiana Legislature’s special session.

Central Region State Affairs Manager Tami Stanton urged consensus in a letter sent Monday to the authors of the two bills pending before the legislature, Sen. Ken Hollis (S.B. 44) and Rep. Gil Pinac (H.B. 76).

“NAMIC commends your leadership in authoring legislation addressing the issue and hopes the differences between Senate Bill 44 and House Bill 76 can be worked out during the remaining days of the special session,” wrote Stanton. “Our members strongly support the passage of a rigorous, standardized building code for the state of Louisiana.”

The enactment of stronger statewide building codes has reportedly been a NAMIC priority for years.

Earlier this year, prior to hurricane season, NAMIC helped create the “Building Code Coalition,” whose sole purpose is to encourage Congress to pass legislation that would create an incentive for states to adopt a statewide building code. Strong statewide building codes would not only save homeowners the cost and aggravation of rebuilding their homes, but it would also save taxpayers millions of dollars in rebuilding costs.”

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