Crawford & Co. Handling New Orleans Claims Out of Baton Rouge Office

September 8, 2005

Crawford & Company announced Thursday that its Kenner, La., office,
which is just outside of New Orleans, has temporarily relocated to
Baton Rouge and is managing claims from Hurricane Katrina.

All client data stored in Crawford’s claims system in the affected
areas is reportedly secure and was unaffected by Katrina.

Immediately after the storm, Crawford routed all Kenner, La., branch calls through its Atlanta Home Office while power was being restored in Baton Rouge.

“Our first concern, of course, was for our employees in the hurricane-stricken areas. We have 130 employees in the area and I’m happy to
report that we have now accounted for all of them, and they are all safe,” said Tom Crawford, president and CEO. “The Kenner office was damaged in the hurricane, but no data was lost. Our Baton Rouge office began to accept New Orleans claims as quickly as possible in order to serve our Louisiana clients affected by the hurricane.”

Use the following information to contact the Baton Rouge office:

12021 Lakeland Park Boulevard
Suite 33A
Baton Rouge, La. 70809
Phone: (225) 756-8190
Fax: (225) 756-8098

Assignments may be sent to Crawford & Company via e-mail at or via phone at 1-800-252-1363 or fax at
1-888-CRAWCAT. Crawford XactAnalysis clients can make electronic
assignments via Xact.

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