TDI Adopts 2005 Version of Consumer Bill of Rights

April 19, 2005

The Texas Department of Insurance announced that as a result of legislative changes under Senate Bill 14 enacted by the 78th Legislature Regular Session in 2003 and departmental actions affecting policyholders and insureds, the commissioner has adopted Texas Administrative Code ยง5.9970, concerning the 2005 versions of the Consumer Bill of Rights Personal Automobile Insurance and the Consumer Bill of Rights Homeowners, Dwelling and Renters Insurance.

The Spanish language translations have also been revised to conform to the English language versions of the Consumer Bills of Rights.

The Consumer Bills of Rights set forth a summation of consumers’ most important rights with regard to each line of insurance, including consumers’ rights to receive information from the Department of Insurance and their insurers, rights relating to buying insurance, rights regarding cancellation and refusal to renew policies, rights regarding claims made under policies, rights regarding non-discrimination, and enforcement rights.

The adopted rule, effective Apr. 19, 2005, describes the responsibilities and obligations of insurers to provide copies of the Consumer Bills of Rights to each insured for personal automobile insurance and for homeowners, dwelling and renters insurance.

In order to allow insurers to utilize at least some existing supplies of the 2002 versions of the Bills of Rights, the 2005 versions of the Bills of Rights are not mandatory for policies that become effective prior to 12:01 A.M., July 19, 2005. For all homeowners, dwelling, renters, and personal automobile policies issued on or after July 19, 2005, companies must distribute the revised version of the appropriate bill of rights with each new policy and with the next renewal notice to current policyholders.

A copy of Commissioner’s Order No. 05-0306 is available on TDI’s Web site at:

For more information, contact Grover Corum, manager, Personal Lines Division, at (512)-322-2266 or

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