Texas Mutual Pays $45K Dividend

February 3, 2005

Workers’ compensation insurance provider, Texas Mutual Insurance Company, announced it returned a dividend of approximately $45,000 to the Texas School Group, a purchasing group.

The group dividend is separate from the approximately $50 million in dividends that Texas Mutual Insurance Company paid to qualifying policyholders in July 2004. Some Texas School Group members may receive dividends under both programs.

Since 1999, Texas Mutual Insurance Company has returned over $170 million in general dividends and over $5 million in purchasing group dividends. The Texas Department of Insurance has approved every Texas Mutual dividend plan to date.

Past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends; however, when funds are available, Texas Mutual Insurance Company believes in rewarding its loyal policyholders whose low claim losses contribute to its success. Its purchasing group members receive a premium discount, based on an estimate of the group’s entire written premium.

Employers interested in Texas Mutual purchasing groups can find more information online at www.texasmutual.com/agents/group.shtm.

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