Victims of Tornado Damage Still Waiting on FEMA

December 30, 2004

  • January 13, 2005 at 11:41 am
    Betty Longmire says:
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    The strom Ivan damage the structure of my home so bad.I got Two contractor to come out and look at it and they said they could belive that fema did total out the house. But they did’t and did give me enought money to fix it I did have Insuranc. I am a 57 old woman a widow and don’t have a job.I am try go to school to make it.I have holds in my roof,shing drew out,the front proch drew off and the rear of my house is shifed and my ulilty room is off the foundation. I have to prop up my house to keep it from falling and they did’t give me eight money to fix a roof. I can’t pay a contractor because I don’t have the money. So I am still try to fine so one to the job. so I hope they will help you soon.

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