Texas Coastal Residents Advised to be Prepared

September 23, 2004

Should Tropical Storm Ivan cause widespread damage from high winds and wind-driven rain along the Texas Gulf Coast those who sustain damage are urged to have patience since many adjusters have been assigned to Florida, insurance trade group Southwestern Insurance Information Service (SIIS) advised.

“Tens of thousand of adjusters have been dispatched to Florida where losses associated with three hurricanes are the worst in state history,” said SIIS public affairs director, Sandra Ray, in an announcement.

“The most important task before Texans who sustain damage is to call their insurance agent immediately and begin making minor repairs to prevent further damage,” she said.

“If Ivan does deliver a catastrophic blow to the Texas Gulf Coast insurers will summon as many adjusters as necessary to meet the needs of their customers,” Ray added. “The summer storm season has delivered unprecedented weather-related losses in Florida and the southeastern U. S. placing demands on companies of unequalled proportions.”

Most of the damage along the Gulf Coast is expected to be the result of flooding which is not covered by the standard homeowners insurance policy, she said.

“Those with the most severe damage will be a priority for claim representatives,” she noted. “Hopefully damage from Ivan will be minor but if not, we encourage those with damage to be patient.”

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