Oklahoma House Approves Impeachment of Fisher; Gov. Continues Call for Resignation

September 9, 2004

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry on Thursday continued his call in asking Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher to step down from his post.

“As I have said before, I believe it would clearly be in the best interest of the state of Oklahoma for Commissioner Fisher to resign,” the Governor said.

“The bipartisan impeachment vote by the full House illustrates that the commissioner has lost the confidence of his fellow elected officials and the people who elected him. Although everyone in our society is innocent until proven guilty, the impeachment action, pending criminal charges and other ethics controversies involving Commissioner Fisher have made it impossible for him to serve as an effective representative of the people.

“While the commissioner has made it very clear that he does not intend to step down, I would implore him to consider the damage that the impeachment proceedings and related controversies are inflicting on the state he serves. If Commissioner Fisher makes an honest appraisal of the situation and considers what is best for Oklahoma, he will immediately resign his office and continue his legal battles as a private citizen.

“If Commissioner Fisher does not resign, I will continue to work with legislative leaders to ensure the impeachment process continues to move forward in a fair, timely and efficient manner.”

Editor’s note: The full House on Thursday approved impeachment articles against Fisher. The impeachment case has now been forwarded to the Senate for an ouster trial on the impeachment charges.

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