Louisiana’s High Risk Health Insurance Pool Accepting Limited Number of New Applicants

June 11, 2004

Commissioner of Insurance Robert Wooley announced that Louisiana’s high risk health insurance pool is now accepting new enrollment for 225 policyholders. The Louisiana Health Plan provides health insurance to those individuals who have been denied coverage by traditional, private health insurance companies.

This limited number of openings in the Louisiana Health Plan will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

– Be a resident of Louisiana for the past six consecutive months;
– Be able to provide at least two written denials of health insurance coverage due to any medical condition and not be eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, group coverage, or COBRA; and
– Not be covered currently under major medical health insurance.

However, coverage through limited benefit policies such as “hospital only” policies or cancer policies does not exclude an applicant from coverage in the Louisiana Health Plan.

Those covered through this high risk pool are provided with major medical health coverage and the option of seeking care through a preferred provider organization similar to those used by most employer provided health plans. The high risk pool covers most medical procedures; however, mental health, substance abuse and maternity are not covered. Additionally, pre-existing conditions are not covered the first six months the policy is in effect.

“It is vital to get this message out to Louisiana residents who have serious medical conditions and don’t qualify for government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid,” said Wooley.

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