Central Texas Man Pleads Guilty to WC Fraud

October 20, 2003

Texas Mutual Insurance Company reported that Raymond Hicks of Del Valle, Texas has pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud before the 147th Travis County District Court in Austin. Hicks’ sentence included $8,212.60 in restitution to Texas Mutual, a $500 fine, court costs, the costs of any counseling or treatment required by the Travis County Community Supervision Department, two years of deferred adjudication and 80 hours of community service.

Hicks allegedly claimed he suffered an on-the-job injury while working for Cook Mail Service in Austin. He told the insurer and his treating doctor that he was unable to work due to the injury.

According to Texas Mutual an anonymous tipster claimed that Hicks was working while continuing to collect benefits for his alleged work-related injury. State law requires injured workers to notify their carriers of any change in their work status.

A Texas Mutual investigation revealed that Hicks was in fact working as a truck driver for Libre Trucking Inc. of Austin. The investigators shot surveillance video of Hicks on the job and asked the Travis County District Attorney office to prosecute the case.

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