Dog-Related Injury Claim Payouts Hit $1.12B in 2023, Report Shows

April 9, 2024

Dog-related injury claims payouts are now more than $1 billion.

U.S. insurers paid out $1.12 billion in dog-related injury claims in 2023, according to a report from the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm.

Dog bite and related injury claims hit 19,062 in 2023, an increase of more than 8% from 2022, according to III. California, Florida and Texas had the most claims.

The organization reports the 2023 figure represents a 110% increase over the past decade.

The average cost per claim actually fell last year – $58,545, down from $64,555 in 2022.

III is marking National Dog Bite Prevention Week (April 7-13) to promote awareness and education for owners and pets. The National Dog Bite Prevention Week Coalition offered the following tips for dog owners:

  • Make sure pets are healthy. Not all illnesses and injuries are obvious, and dogs are more likely to bite if they are sick or in pain.
  • Prioritize proper socialization. Socialization involves gently introducing a dog to a range of settings, people, and other animals, and ensuring these experiences are positive.
  • Take it slow. If a dog has been mainly interacting with your family since you brought them home, don’t rush out into crowded areas or dog parks.
  • Understand a dog’s needs and educate yourself in positive training techniques. Recognize a dog’s body language and advocate for them in all situations.
  • Make sure to walk dogs on a leash and recognize changes in a dog’s body language indicating they may not be comfortable.
  • Always monitor a dog’s activity, even when they are in the backyard at home, because they can be startled by something, get out of the yard and possibly injure someone or be injured themselves.

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