Study: Homes in Idaho, Florida, Nevada Gained Most Value in the Last Decade

April 3, 2024

Idaho topped the list of states where homes gained the most value over a decade, a study using Zillow data shows.

Idaho, with an average 171.03% increase in average value from $159,567 in 2013 to $432,476 in 2023, was followed by Florida with a 164.37% increase from 2013 to 2023 in home values. The 2013 average value in Florida was $159,567, increasing to $381,922 in 2023.

The study by Architecture Lab used data from Zillow to compare the average home value of 2013 to 2023 in every state to see the most significant percentage increase in value.

In third place was Nevada, where homes saw an average 157.94% increase in value across the past ten years. The 2013 average value was $159,459 in 2013 compared with 2023’s average value of $411,316. Georgia was fourth on the list with the state’s homes seeing an average increase of 145.42% across the past decade, while Arizona saw an average increase in value of 142.15% in average value in that period.

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