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April 17, 2020
Pacesetter Teams with OnSeen and Hover

Pacesetter Claims Service, OnSeen Inc. and Hover have teamed up to launch a claims management system that virtually connects all parties involved in the claim adjustment workflow through smartphones.

The LiveClaims Solution will become the foundation of Pacesetter’s new and streamlined field adjustment workflow, the Tulsa, Okla.-based property claims adjusting company said in a press release.

OnSeen provides the claims management program. Hover provides an app that gives exact dimensions of structures after ground-level photographs are taken from each corner.

Pacesetter said LiveClaims provides a personalized portal for each policyholder where they can: (1) monitor the status and details of their claim, (2) view a detailed Hover property data package, which is auto-generated from pictures taken from the adjuster’s phone, (3) track the adjuster’s location and arrival time when they are en route for the scheduled adjustment appointment; (4) receive automatic claims status notifications throughout the adjustment process, and (5) participate and assist with their claims process by uploading photos, notes and related documents.

“Our claims adjustment process, prior to OnSeen and Hover, involved several disconnected systems, did not effectively embrace the policyholder and was inefficient,” said Bill Brassfield, CEO of Pacesetter. “LiveClaims allows us to virtually connect our field adjusters, desk adjusters, policyholders and insurance clients to create a better experience, minimize the need for face-to-face contact during COVID-19 distancing, increase operational efficiency and reduce the cost of our adjustment process.”

Agero Integrates API with TrueMotion

Agero announced that it has integrated the application program interface (API) for its driver-assistance software with TrueMotion, a company that uses machine learning to use smartphone sensor data to provide driving behavior insights.

Beyond detecting driving behaviors like hard braking and distraction, these insights include robust crash data such as location, time, speed and direction of impact, airbag deployment, the Medford, Mass.-based software company said in a press release.

The integration of Agero’s Crash Detection API with TrueMotion’s CrashAssist product allows accident response and event information to be rapidly imported into the Agero Accident Management portal or client claim system, the company said. This improves the first notice of loss experience for consumers and shortens the time it takes to deliver assistance, Agero said.

In addition, motorists using TrueMotion’s smartphone app, Openroad, benefit from Agero’s accident management capabilities. The app detects car crashes, makes an automated call to the driver, and if they don’t respond, and automatically alerts Agero responders who can deploy accident assistance as needed.

“Our company mission is to make driving safer and more affordable. Crash detection and accident support is a huge focus area for us,” stated Rafi Finegold, vice president of product and growth for TrueMotion.

Mitchell Launches 2 New Products

Mitchell announced the launch of two new products to the property and casualty and collision repair industries: the Diagnostics and Calibration Services Locator and Mitchell ShopPak for Cloud.

Mitchell said among the many challenges collision repair facilities face due to COVID-19 is the ability to procure partner products and services, as many organizations have decreased their hours of operation or in some cases completely closed down. Mitchell said some auto body repair shops have found ti difficult to locate scanning resources.

The locator matches facilities that provide in-house diagnostic devices and capabilities with those who may need those services, the San Diego-based claims management and technology provider said. The sign-up form also allows any facility to submit their available services to the locator free of charge.

Additionally, Mitchell is announcing the availability of ShopPak for Cloud—a mobile platform that provides estimating and basic shop management functions in a cloud-based application.

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