TrueMotion Offers New App to Reduce Distracted Driving

April 25, 2017

In an effort to combat distracted driving and reward good driving behavior, TrueMotion introduced Mojo. The new mobile app uses competition, gamification and financial incentives to help drivers kick the distraction habit, according to a company press release.

Through other driving apps developed by TrueMotion, the company has been able to measure distracted driving habits. More than 4.5 million trips and 68 million miles and have been logged by 27,000 participating drivers. Company data reveals that when drivers are made aware of risky driving habits, they reduce them by 20 percent.

TrueMotion’s mobile app uses sensors built into smartphones (iOS and Android), combined with machine learning and data science to capture how the phone is being used (in-hand, lap, mount, cup holder, etc.) and interacted with (phone calls, touching, typing, etc.) during a drive. Each driver is given an overall score based on the amount of time he or she spends distracted, including handheld phone calls, handsfree phone calls and “swiping and typing” app use.

The company also tracked the 10 most popular apps used during driving trips.

Credit: TrueMotion

Additional data findings include:

  • The average driver spends about 12 percent of each trip engaged in some manner with a smartphone.
  • Parents are better drivers than teens: teens are distracted about 20 percent more per trip than their parents.
  • a 25 percent reduction in distracting driving habits after 12 weeks of using the app.

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