Infrared Cameras Assist Liberty Mutual Commercial Field Adjusters

January 29, 2016

  • February 16, 2016 at 10:33 am
    Gary Treider says:
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    I have read this article several times and it bothers me more each time. A bean counter is at work with a new idea that “saves money”. That might be very beneficial unless you are on the receiving end of the pocketbook. Infrared is very useful and we use it on a regular basis. It is however the most abused technology in use today. Infrared simply identifies a temperature differential that requires confirmation to mean ANYTHING. Adjusters need two weeks intensive training with infrared, including non-invasive and invasive techniques (that must be spot applied to get it right). This includes representative sampling of wet and dry areas. During the past ten years it has been my task to review hundreds of infrared “reports”, with 85% performed incorrectly with bad results. Recently a school was scanned by an adjuster that was ever so proud of his new infrared camera and his two days of training. He found 33 wet spots. Three of them were actually wet. Turning an untrained adjuster loose with an infrared camera is close to being one of the most ridiculous ideas of recent vintage. Our lab is IAS certified for ASTM tests so we know how to get the testing done right.

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