Uber Driver Court Case Challenges Independent Contractor Business Model

By Dan Levine | August 10, 2015

  • August 19, 2015 at 12:06 am
    Jeffrey Doty says:
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    Uber, from the eyes of any normal everyday person, looks to be great. A way to save money, and convenient. However, from an owner of a Lake Geneva, Wisconsin based limousine company, we find them unsafe and unprepared. For instance, we spend tens of thousands of dollars in Commercial Insurance per year. For some of our vehicles we carry 1.5 million dollars in coverage, and for others we carry 2.5 million dollars in coverage. Uber drivers are only required to carry Full Coverage insurance. How does this seem safe? If an Uber driver were to have an accident, are you going to be covered? I highly doubt it. Another example of being unprepared is that we have trained, professional drivers that are thoroughly screened, and trained. Uber drivers have anyone who wants to make some extra money. Do you truly know who you are jumping into a car with. Might just be as safe to hitch hike!?!? Just saying. Professional Limousine and Taxi companies pay A LOT of money to make sure that we meet regulations, and to uphold the standard of trust that our guests want and expect.

  • September 13, 2015 at 4:17 am
    AJay- Phila says:
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    Great to be a freelance worker, but how are the following issues covered?
    (1) Complete insurance coverage — street accident to DEATH scenarios.
    (2) What is the liability due “excessive drive time” then accident: as w/Tracy Morgan case.
    (3) Regimented Taxes payments to (a) IRS (b) State, and possibly (c) City/Regional Tax?
    (4) Insurance coverage for trip like PHL/NJ Met.area, Airports/Train Station bring people who need a ride across up-to 3 State jurisdictions; Eg PHL,thruDEL,to Md.; or NYC thru NJ to CT.
    (5) Item 4 is classical “Regional Interstate” trip; likely to need Fed, State and Local Regs?

    +++ FINALLY +++
    UBER website shows A vast variety of Sign-UP procedures, Policies/Reg for Compliance.
    Monitoring and meeting all that “variety of rules” and Regs by Region/State makes one ask :
    Is there sufficient Back Office Management staff at UBER to “police” compliance?

    LASTLY : The APP is a tool to make a silent phone call, get and estimates trip cost etc.

    BUT are the underlying REGS/Legal STRUCTURE/Hiring Practices Control measures ( they seem to be onerous) ” policed” with sufficient staffing as a full fledged “Employer” would be required to have in place?

    All it takes is one bad accident with a serious injury or death — To make it a UBER Tragedy

    I AM NOT A LAWYER … BUT have used LIMOS, TAXI’s very often over 25 years. So I say – SAFETY – Make It Personal and Legal.

    AJay – Phila.

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