FEMA Vows Closer Watch on Flood Insurers, Engineering Firms

By Christie Smythe | March 10, 2015

  • March 11, 2015 at 6:03 pm
    TimGolden says:
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    U.S. Department of Justice,
    On 9/6/2013 NYS WCB commissioner(s) Munnelly +
    Williams and Higgins (2 non-attorneys) ‘reviewed and rescinded’
    my NYS WCALJudge Robert Anderson’s decision.
    My attorneys at Fine, Olin & Anderman appealed and requested a Full Board Review (FBR).
    On 11/25/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten solely denied me a
    Full Board Review (FBR).
    On 12/12/2013 the Third Judicial Department decided that
    “only a three member panel can deny a Full Board Review”
    (see Scalo v. Perry & Sons)
    On 12/27/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten got 2 subordinates
    (Libous and Munnelly) to sign order denying me a
    Full Board Review (FBR).
    Q1: was not Munnelly NYS WCB general counsel and NYS WCB ethics officer?
    Q2: how much (t)ime did each person spend ‘reviewing’ (examining)
    my NYS WCALJudge’s decision?
    Q3: did Libous (who is a nurse?)sign order denying me a FBR
    while in Florida or while in New York?
    Q4: why is a nurse (or any non-attorney) ‘reviewing’ (examining)
    any NYS WCALJudge’s decision?
    Q5: if Munnelly + 2 non-attorneys ‘reviewed and rescinded’
    my NYS WCALJudge’s decision in September 2013
    then why is Munnelly again being asked by his boss to deny me a Full Board Review (FBR)?
    5 = a hand
    Trust but Verify
    NYS WCB commissioner bios
    (google it! bing it! ask it! aol it! yahoo it!)

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