Trucker Rest Rules Could be at Risk in Budget Deal

By Jeff Plungis | December 8, 2014

  • December 12, 2014 at 7:12 am
    DAGR says:
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    As a Professional Truck Driver in the trucking industry, my point of view is from the facts that I will present from what I see on the road each and every day. First off, I think that the age to drive a truck and get a CDL at 21 is too young. Needs to go back too 25.

    Truck driving schools today is a joke.

    How many times I have turned on a turn signal and watched a car speed up to stop you from changing lanes.

    How many times I have seen a truck in the right lane doing 64 and a truck passing on the left doing 65 and a four wheeler race to pass the truck on the left by squeezing between the rear DOT bumper of the truck on the right and the front bumper of the truck on the left. Talking about road rage.

    How many times I have seen a car pass a truck on the left and change lanes back to the right just missing the bumper. What happened to following distance. 7 seconds.

    At the same time, how many times I have seen a truck ride on the bumper of a car. This is road rage as well. 7 second following distance.

    You talk about not enough rest for truck drivers, OK.

    How many people that do not drive trucks and work 40 hours a week and go to school and study. The math on this one shows about 90 hours a week if not more.

    I wonder how many people work more than 1 job to pay there bills. Let’s say 40 hours and a part time job at 20 hours, plus to and from work at 15 hours a week. That is 75 hours. Not to mention that these people are not going home to go straight to sleep.

    Bottom line, stop pointing the finger, because just about everyone is working well pass 40 hours.

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