Allstate Ranks Safest Cities for Driving in Rain and Snow

November 20, 2014

This winter will have higher than average precipitation in the Southern United States, according to a prediction by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

On the heels of this report, Allstate Insurance Company released its America’s Best Drivers Report. The report is based on Allstate claims data and ranks America’s 200 largest cities in terms of car collision frequency to identify which have the safest drivers. The data uncovers how these cities rank when precipitation is a factor. These rankings are based on the expected driver performance given each city’s average annual precipitation as measured by NOAA.

“The report is a safety awareness tool that shows how city drivers fare when you consider how often the average driver will get into a collision,” said Mike Roche, executive vice president of claims, Allstate. “Factors such as precipitation may impact a city’s collision frequency ranking. Allstate is providing important lessons on the road this winter, and especially for cities that don’t commonly experience these weather patterns.”

According to the report, drivers in Brownsville, Texas are the safest when precipitation is factored into its collision frequency ranking. The average driver in Brownsville will experience a collision every 14.2 years which is nearly 30 percent less than the national average. While other cities may have lower collision frequencies, the average Brownsville driver performs well given its levels of precipitation in addition to its collision likelihood.

Top 10 safest driving cities with precipitation as a factor include:

City Rank with Precipitation Factor City NOAA Average Precipitation
Average Years Between Collisions Accident Likelihood
(Compared to national average of every 10 years)
1 Brownsville, Texas 27.44 14.2 29.5% less likely
2 Fort Collins, Colo. 14.97 14.2 29.6% less likely
3 Kansas City, Kan. 39.06 12.9 22.4% less likely
4 Huntsville, Ala. 55.82 12.6 20.3% less likely
5 Boise, Idaho 11.73 14.0 28.4% less likely
6 Montgomery, Ala. 52.8 12.4 19.4% less likely
7 Madison, Wis. 37.27 12.2 17.8% less likely
8 Olathe, Kan. 41.86 12.1 17.5% less likely
9 Kansas City, Mo. 39.06 12.0 16.8% less likely
10 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 34.61 12.1 17.1% less likely

To view the complete Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report with an interactive mapping of the rankings, or to see previous years’ results, visit

Source: Allstate Insurance Company

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