Numbers Behind GM Faulty Ignition Switches Recall

June 20, 2014

Ignition switches have presented General Motors with significant safety issues of late. Here are details of the switch problems by the numbers:

– 2.6 million: The number of older small cars that GM recalled earlier this year to fix faulty ignition switches that it knew about for more than a decade. GM links 54 crashes and more than 13 deaths to the problem. The switches can slip out of the “run” position, shutting off the engine and knocking out power steering and brakes. That can cause drivers to lose control of the car. It also disables air bags, which won’t inflate in a crash.

– 3.4 million: Number of older-model large cars that GM recalled on Monday for a similar problem. The force of a large bump and a swinging key chain can combine to move the switches out of the “run” position and cause engine stalling. GM says the problem can be fixed by changing the key hole from a slot to a small circle. It says the switches are different from those in the small-car recall. Evidence emerged at a Wednesday hearing that GM engineers knew about the problem for at least nine years.

– 512,000: Number of newer Chevy Camaros recalled last week for a stalling problem. GM blames this one on the keys, which can come in contact with drivers’ knees in rare cases.

– 44: Number of GM recalls so far this year.

– 20 million: Number of cars and trucks recalled by GM so far this year in North America.

– $2 billion: GM’s estimate for recall-related costs through the first half of the year.

– 57 cents: Cost of each replacement switch for the 2.6 million small cars.

– $35 million: Fine levied on GM by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for concealing the ignition switch problems.

– $3.8 billion: GM’s net income last year.

– 9.7 million: Number of cars and trucks sold by GM globally last year.

– 15: Number of GM employees dismissed for conduct that delayed the small-car recall.

– 5: Number of employees disciplined.

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