HailStrike Offers New Storm Tracking Products

April 30, 2013

HailStrike, a provider of instant meteorological data that equips insurers, adjusters, roofing companies and other service industries whose customers are impacted by severe weather, announced two new products.

Aniswath, a patent pending algorithm provides density, duration and direction of hail storms in a colorized fully animated map and allows users to follow the progression of a hail storm in real time, identifying the locations with the most significant impact.

OneSite, a unique report based on the data interpreted by the algorithm, includes all the storm activity affecting a specific site address over the past 2 years.

Insurers and adjusters can access all relevant data for a specific address and no longer rely on vague information to evaluate and analyze potential storm damage. There is also a 10-year backlog of historical storm data for each location that provides users with a real time historical picture of storm activity for a particular date.

In May 2011, EagleView Technologies co-founder and former roofing contractor Dave Carlson was introduced to media developer Daron Sneed and his current project – HailStrike. Sneed’s primary goal at the time was to provide roofing contractors with the best hail tracking tools on the market.

“As soon as I heard about his animated hail storm swaths and hail reports I knew he had something special,” said Carlson. “If Daron could equip roofing contractors with instant AND accurate hail storm data to a specific area and location, then he could also equip and empower insurance companies and adjusters with the same information.”

The next six months the two entrepreneurs focused solely on improving accuracy and developing the right platform for which to provide easy access to fresh, accurate and reliable storm data.

“These are exciting times,” said Carlson. “New doors were opened because we realized that there is currently no accurate or reliable methodology to determine if damage to a property was caused by multiple storms. This is huge if you consider that damage from multiple storms could lead to multiple claims and possibly multiple deductibles. This alone, could save insurance companies billions of dollars in just the Dallas Fort Worth area. Throw in fraud prevention capabilities and improving customer service and you can see why we are excited.”

With easy access to fresh, reliable and accurate information insurance companies and adjusters can improve efficiency and increase the quality of their claims systems. Questionable claims can be pinpointed immediately allowing precious time to be allotted towards legitimate claims.

“We are in the trial stages with a few insurance companies and have already learned new ways to improve our service and provide an even better product going forward,” says Carlson. “We have the right team in place to continuously make improvements while trouble shooting any potential challenges that could come our way. Our vision is simple – to be the industry standard for accurate severe storm tracking and reporting.”

Source: HailStrike

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