Government to Examine Technology for Automated Cars

By JOAN LOWY | October 25, 2012

  • October 25, 2012 at 3:57 pm
    Mr. Integrity says:
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    The concept of automated vehicles is misguided in every facet. The notion that drivers “cede” control of the vehicle to its computers, but need to still remain “ready to retake control if necessary” is contradictory and only complicates the risk. And, does this really work for the elderly and blind? You can only imagine the cases and litigation around negligence, liability, and cause of loss associated with this development. It is a lawyers dream!

    The horrendous accident statistics and deaths reported reflect the “core” problem, which is receiving a driver’s license in the USA requires little more than a 20 question exam and a brief driving test. Couple that with the lack enforcement of traffic rules, i.e., speed, directional signals, DUI/DWI, cell phone/texting, etc., and you’ve defined the real issue.

    The only logical solution is to amend the ease with which people of any age of people beyond 16 years old can get behind the wheel of a car. If the government was truly interested in the safety and well-being of its constiuents, it would focus on dealing with this issue.

    On a side note, it would be interesting to know how much lobbying is going on with Google and Volvo to advance this agenda. It might work in Europe, where geography, public transportation, and the cost of owning and operationg a vehicle are significantly different. Like high speed rail in the USA, this is DOA!

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