U.S. Boat Thefts Decline

July 31, 2012

According to a new report issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), there were 6,070 watercraft* thefts reported stolen between January 1 and December 31, 2011, a nine percent decrease from the 6,663 thefts reported in 2010.

Florida led the states with the most thefts (1,322), followed by California (550), Texas (437), Washington (224) and North Carolina (205). Hawaii did not have a single reported boat theft in all of 2011.

The top five boat types were led by the “Jet Ski” category which recorded the most thefts (1,219). It was followed by runabout (992), utility (437), cruiser (255) and sailboat (60).

The top five manufacturers in watercraft thefts are: Yamaha (537), Bombardier Corporation (522), Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing (196), Alumacraft Boat Company (148) and Bayliner Marine (129).

The highest number of reported thefts occurred in June (792), while December saw the first report thefts (281).

Friday was the most popular day for reported thefts (940), while Wednesday saw the fewest thefts (809).

*watercraft types as described in the NCIC code manual:


Commercial – ferry, oyster boat, motor barge, towboat, tug, clam, dredge, coaster, riverboat, smack boat, etc.

Cruiser – a boat with an inboard motor that is at least 25 feet long, but no longer than 50 feet



Jet-Ski – aqua bike

Runabout – launch, motorboat, outrider, speedboat, etc.

Sailboat – cat, catamaran, cutter, bark, ketch, lateen, lugger, pinnace, schooner, sloop, yawl, etc.

Utility – fisherman, sedan (type of boat), etc.


All other – canoe, dinghy, dory, johnboat, kayak, lifeboat, paddleboat, rowboat, skull, skiff, etc.

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau

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