OneBeacon Professional Insurance Expands Lawyers’ Professional Liability Coverage

December 20, 2011

OneBeacon Professional Insurance (OBPI), a member of OneBeacon Insurance Group, announced the expansion of its Lawyers’ Professional Liability (LPL) offerings to include network security and privacy (NSP) liability coverage, made available to its customers in two ways — as an endorsement to its LPL policy, or as a standalone coverage.

Said Kim Noble, Senior Vice President for OBPI’s LPL Division, “Information systems are the lifeblood of today’s law firms, and protecting those systems — which can contain high-value data such as litigation information, intellectual property, client data, trade secrets and personally identifiable information — is critical.”

When added to OBPI’s LPL policy, the NSP endorsement will provide coverage in the event of a data breach for certain expenses incurred for first-party notification or public relations efforts to minimize damage to a firm’s reputation.

As a standalone policy, the coverage can include: Breach Consultation Services; Network Security Liability; Privacy Liability; Website Media Occurrence Liability; Business Interruption; Breach Notification and Management Expenses Sub-limit; and more.

Source: OneBeacon

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