Improved Practice Exams for CPCU, Other Courses Now Offered Online

September 11, 2008

The American Institute for CPCU and the Insurance Institute of America have replaced the SMART CD-ROM, which contained practice exams, with new SMART Online Practice Exams for 2009.

The new online practice exams are available for all courses in these programs: General Insurance (INS), Associate in Claims (AIC), Associate in Commercial Underwriting (AU), Associate in Risk Management (ARM), and Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU).

The exam questions are based on educational objectives stated in the course guide for each course. Exams are designed to measure whether students have met those objectives.

The Institutes said the change is in response to requests for more realistic practice exams. They said the new online exams deliver improved and accurate questions through immediate online updates. They use the same exam delivery software and types of questions as the national exams. They also improve student use of study time by providing guidance on where to focus efforts.

The new SMART Online Practice Exams will replace the current CD-ROM versions for the above-listed courses; however, the CD-ROMs can still be used for study for exams through December 15, 2008.

Beginning September 2, 2008, students will be able to activate the access code found on the inside back cover of any INS, AIC, AU, ARM, and CPCU course guide (for exams beginning in the January-March 2009 testing window). Students can then log in to the Institutes’ Web site, enter their unique code, and begin studying.

Students can obtain more information on how to use the SMART Online Practice Exams and other SMART study aids by clicking on the SMART icon on the Institutes’ Web site.

Source: The American Institute for CPCU/Insurance Institute of America

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