U.S. Lists Toxic Substances Tied to Occupational Diseases on Web Site

May 8, 2008

  • June 6, 2008 at 3:30 am
    Anne says:
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    As a former examiner inside the Seattle EEOICP Office, I can tell you that the people higher up in the DOL’s OWCP positions are more interested in keeping their jobs than helping the claimants the EEOICP was designed to help.

    After working at the Seattle EEOICP Office for just over one year, I received claim files which were not assigned to me, with prescreening notes attached to the left inside file jacket, telling examiners to deny claims for which they never reviewed.

    If Mr. Hallmark’s was truly interested in getting money to eligible claimants, ASAP, may be he should address the arbitrary and capricious activity inside the EEOICP offices.

    Its my opinion, that people like Hallmark and Turcic are political appointees without the education necessary to apply the true intent of Congress.

    It’s time for change in Washington, especially in the Executive Branch. I encourage anyone who cares about corrupt government and its cover-ups to vote Democratic and throw these uneducated bums to the curb this November.

    Together, we can send Pete Turcic and Shelby Hallmark packing their executive bags! If welfare isn’t good for single parents, than it’s not good for unqualified Republican appointees!

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