U.S. Mitsui Sumitomo Expands Roster of Workers’ Comp Services from ISO

September 28, 2006

The United States operation of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group (MSIG) has expanded its slate of ISO’s Workers Compensation Information Services (WCIS) with transactional services for injury reporting to designated state accident boards and industrial commissions.

Workers’ compensation transactional data reporting allows workers’ compensation insurers to capture their data as each policy and claim event occurs. ISO will collect MSIG’s workers’ compensation injury claims information and manage the insurer’s first reports of injury (FROI) and subsequent reports of injury (SROI) data, including triggering these reports from MSIG’s claim events. ISO will submit this injury reporting information on MSIG’s behalf to data collection organizations in states where MSIG writes workers’ compensation insurance.

ISO’s transactional services for injury reporting will encompass both mandatory and voluntary states for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), as well as new jurisdictions that adopt electronic reporting in existing or new formats recommended by the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC).

ISO’s WCIS also include, among others, reporting modules for unit statistical reports, aggregate financial submissions and specialized claim reporting (detailed claim information and individual case reports).

“ISO has the technology and the expertise in workers’ compensation information reporting that regulators require for this complex line of business,” said David Leskauskas, senior vice president and deputy chief claim officer for MSIG’s U.S. operation. “With ISO managing our first and subsequent injury reporting to state accident boards and industrial commissions, we can focus on our core competency of writing workers’ compensation insurance.”

ISO already provides MSIG with other workers’ compensation solutions, including workers’ compensation policy management service.

Source: ISO, MSIG

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