DriveCam Partners with McNeil and Co. on Mitigating Risk for Ambulances

December 13, 2005

DriveCam Inc., a provider of systems that mitigate risk by improving driving behavior, has teamed with McNeil and Company, a provider of insurance programs and risk management services, to offer discounts to McNeil’s Ambulance Services Insurance Program (ASIP) clients who use DriveCam.

Under the agreement, effective Dec. 1, 2005, ASIP will offer up to a five percent premium discount annually per DriveCam-equipped vehicle. In addition, DriveCam will offer a five percent volume discount toward the cost of each DriveCam system.

DriveCam offers a system for identifying, managing and improving unsafe driving behavior. The system records video and audio of risky driving, which is used to provide feedback to drivers and improve their driving habits. By improving driving behavior, the system reportedly reduces the frequency and severity of ambulance crashes, which reduces vehicle maintenance expense and down time. The DriveCam system also provides an objective video to accurately resolve claims.

In order to receive the discounts, the ASIP client must have an installation certification from DriveCam with annual re-certification to ensure the system is being used to maximize its effectiveness. DriveCam has developed a specific certification program specifically for McNeil and Company’s ASIP clients.

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