Kemper Auto and Home Offer Personal Property Analyzer on Web Site

December 1, 2005

Now available on its Web site, Kemper Auto and Home has introduced the Personal Property Analyzer, a free online contents estimator that determines the adequacy of insurance coverage on consumers’ personal possessions.

The need for the Personal Property Analyzer stems from the reported increase in severe claims situations where people did not have enough contents limits to adequately cover their possessions.

A number of causes seemed to drive this, including significant increases in the values of home electronics like multiple computers and big screen TV’s, as well as a general consumer appetite for higher end merchandise. However, most insurance coverage levels have stayed the same – even with the danger of severe weather. Also, there was reportedly no easy way to estimate the total value of a person’s contents, until now.

Created in collaboration with Confluency Solutions Inc., the Personal Property Analyzer consists of a questionnaire about a person’s home and each room’s contents. The calculator produces a table showing their coverage’s current level compared to the adjusted level at which their possessions are better covered.

Users may then go directly to Kemper Auto and Home’s Agent Locator and get in touch with an agent in their neighborhood for a more accurate quote.

Visit and click on “Products” to explore the Personal Property Analyzer. The estimator is free to all visitors and requires no identity-disclosing information or obligation. This analyzer is also being made immediately available to all Kemper Auto and Home agents.

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