NAMIC ‘Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund’ to Aid the American Red Cross

September 2, 2005

A Hurricane Katrina relief fund has been established by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies with contributions to the fund going directly to the American Red Cross, according to Chuck Chamness, NAMIC president. The inauguration of the fund was kicked off on Friday, when the NAMIC staff contributed $1,265 to relief efforts through a “Casual Friday” fundraiser.

“If every NAMIC member company contributes a similar amount, the MIR effort will raise $1.5 million,” Chamness said. “Our industry will provide the coverage to help rebuild cities and towns and replace the property that was lost, but at the heart of each community are its people. It is their spirit, determination and resolve that must prevail.”

NAMIC will aggregate financial contributions from members companies and their employees interested in helping those in need.

All funds received will be donated to the American Red Cross and used to help supply the basic necessities of life for the victims of this catastrophe. NAMIC and its affiliated organization, Assurance Partners Bank will absorb all handling costs and credit card processing fees. APB will also serve as custodian for the funds until they are forwarded to the Red Cross in a timely manner.

Hurricane Katrina has caused catastrophic damage in the southern United States. It is predicted that Katrina will be the worst natural disaster the insurance industry has ever faced.

Across this nation and around the world generous contributions to the relief effort are being made. After 9/11, NAMIC member companies contributed more than $500,000 through a relief fund that was created following its cancelled 106th annual convention.

“Now, four years later, we can again make a difference as an industry and demonstrate that we are not only committed to the recovery and restoration of property, but to the people who are at the heart of each community,” Chamness said.

Members of the insurance industry are urged to donate via the Internet at or by sending a check payable to: Mutual Insurers Respond, c/o NAMIC, 3601 Vincennes Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268.

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