Flip Alert Used as Safety Device for ATVs

July 12, 2005

For six years, Rick Lang has reportedly thought of little else than the fateful, tragic circumstances of his bride-to-be’s death.

Convinced that her death could have been prevented, Lang set to work designing and testing a new safety feature for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) called Flip Alert.

The new product, intended to be mounted opposite the muffler of an ATV, triggers a piercing high-decibel alarm when an ATV flips over or tips on its side so that the rider and vehicle may be located quickly.

In October 1999, Lang and his fiancee Christine Block were hunting elk in the snow-covered mountains of Antonito, Colorado when they decided to split up and meet later at the bottom of a hill. Lang powered his ATV to the agreed-upon location and waited, unaware that Christine had been pinned under her ATV while trying to traverse a steep ravine.

When Christine didn’t show up, Lang recalls his mounting dread that
something was wrong, terribly wrong. He reportedly set off to look for her, powering his ATV through the thick forest, heading the wrong direction. When he found her, she was beyond medical help less than 50 yards from their meeting spot.

Lang reportedly said he lives with the thought he might have saved her. “Minutes often mean everything in situations like this,” he said.

Lang was quick to point out that Flip Alert does not prevent rollovers and it does not protect riders from injuries sustained in ATV accidents? “Flip Alert provides necessary and immediate notice of something wrong, and helps locate the rider and vehicle quickly,” he said.

The Flip Alert alarm is triggered when a vehicle is tilted 90 degrees off
center. It can be mounted on any ATV and uses a 9 volt battery which
should be replaced every four months.

For more information, visit www.flipalert.com .

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