Bluebook International Launches Web Service for Property Owners

June 29, 2005

Bluebook International Inc., a data and software services provider to the property and casualty industry, has launched it’s Insure-to-Value Web Service, a business to consumer application that provides property specific estimated replacement costs directly to property owners via its online services.

Insure to Value reportedly addresses the nation’s significant underinsurance problem, where industry estimates indicate that 67% of property owners in the United States are underinsured by 25% or more.

Insure to Value enables an individual property owner to review the estimated structure replacement cost of a single-family residence (excluding the land) using Bluebook’s online tool by inputting the property address.

For a fee ranging from $15 to $20, a homeowner can obtain an estimated replacement cost value for their single-family residence. As an alternative a homeowner could obtain a professional inspection, costing as much as $500. The Bluebook solution takes into consideration the property’s unique construction characteristics, such as: roof type, location, year built, number of bedrooms, among other automated attributes, in just minutes.

It also allows homeowners to modify their property profile by including any improvements in the analysis. Bluebook uses its proprietary DataCentral integrated with global data providers to offer accessibility to decision-ready information on nearly 91% of the estimated 70 million single-family residences in the United States.

“A simple fire or other disaster could result in damages to the home that far exceeds the amount it is insured. When equity in a home is frequently a family’s only savings account, protecting this asset from being underinsured is an absolute necessity,” said Brian Jones, executive vice president, Bluebook. “Our easily accessible web based service provides the 70 million homeowners, that either purchase or renew their homeowners insurance policy annually, a simple cost effective way to make sure they have proper coverage.”

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