June Serves as National Safety Month

June 10, 2005

The National Safety Council (NSC), which works through its local chapters to promote Citizen Corps Councils and provide citizen training in emergency preparedness, has declared June as National Safety Month.

This year’s theme is “Safety: Where We Live, Work and Play,” and according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary and FEMA Director Michael Brown, engaging citizens in homeland security and community and family preparedness plays well to that theme.

“Calendar observances like National Safety Month are great vehicles for enhancing public awareness on natural disasters and the ever-present threats of terror-strikes,” said Brown, who signed the Citizen Corps affiliation agreement with NSC President Alan McMillan in 2003. “Talking about safety planning should be a daily conversation at home and in the workplace, and I applaud the National Safety Council’s commitment to helping to prepare our nation and its citizens.”

With spring and summer ushering in increased risks for wildfire, flash flooding and thunderstorms throughout the Pacific Northwest, FEMA Regional Director John Pennington is reminding residents that the time to plan how they’ll respond when disaster strikes, is “before disaster strikes!”

“No matter how busy or hectic your workaday world, now is the time to think about what to do in the event of severe weather—or any other major disaster,” said Pennington. “A good place to start is by downloading our Are You Ready? In-depth guide to Citizen Preparedness from www.ready.gov or from our own site at www.fema.gov. It’s our most comprehensive source on individual, family and community preparedness.”

The Are You Ready citizen’s guide is also available from FEMA’s publications warehouse by calling (800) 480-2520.

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