The Hartford Unveils Online Insurance Center to Serve Large Businesses

May 12, 2005

The Hartford has unveiled, a Web site
custom-designed for risk managers at large organizations whose workforce exceeds 500 employees.

The site reportedly helps an organization evaluate its total cost of risk and provides easy access to information about guaranteed cost and loss sensitive property/casualty insurance programs. The large business Web site also offers a library of interactive tools and a detailed introduction to @venture, The Hartford’s risk management information system.

The Hartford’s new large business Web site completes a trilogy of online centers devoted to helping businesses of all sizes manage their risk. The large business Web site design builds on the design and navigation of The Hartford’s small and midsized business Web sites. The small business site — — helps entrepreneurs educate themselves about insurance before they buy. The Hartford’s midsize business Web site – — provides resources for business
insurance buyers at companies with 21-499 employees.

The Hartford’s new Web site includes exclusive new content and features tailored to the more complex needs of larger businesses.

Key features of The Hartford’s Large Business Web site include:

* Control Your Risks: This section offers suggestions for how to prevent and mitigate losses. Users can also complete a worksheet to estimate their organization’s total cost of risk.
* Losstimator: The Losstimator, an interactive tool designed by The
Hartford, allows risk managers to calculate an accident’s indirect costs which are sometimes estimated at four to seven times the direct
costs. The Losstimator gives risk managers the full picture of an accident and helps organizations better understand the value of preventing injuries.
* Terms Translator: Insurance and risk management issues are often
accompanied by a maze of jargon and unfamiliar terms. This section
provides both the legal definition and the plain English translation for common and not-so-common insurance terms.
* Finance Your Risks: The Hartford’s Option Analyzer helps guide the risk manager to the rating plan (or plans) an organization may want to
consider to balance risk retention and risk transfer.
* Capabilities Review: This section demonstrates how The Hartford’s
products and services work together to control total cost of risk. A guided tour of @venture shows how The Hartford’s risk management
information system can play a role in driving a successful risk management program.
* Understanding Coverages: This section provides descriptions of various coverage options from The Hartford enabling risk managers to focus on what they really need. The Hartford can insure nearly every aspect of an organization, from its property, to its employees, to its vehicles, and the process of understanding the options begins here.
* The Hartford’s Strengths: This section demonstrates why large business customers come to, and stay with, The Hartford. From financial strength to product design to customer service, The Hartford inspires confidence among its existing accounts. A recent survey reportedly found that nearly 70 percent of large account customers said they selected The Hartford because it was the best source to help them manage their total cost of risk.

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