DocuDent Accident Documentation Kit Eases Headaches of Auto Collisions

May 2, 2005

Many Americans carry automobile insurance. In case of an accident (whether it was your fault or the other driver’s) an insurance policy covers you .

First, drivers need to meet their deductible, and if it were their fault, then there insurance premium is also likely to go up. Now let’s assume hypothetically that the accident wasn’t your fault and that you can prove it. Most American drivers are reportedly not aware of the following: in most cases the deductible will be paid by the insurance company of the other driver, and your insurance premium is likely to stay the same. With a typical deductible of $500 this is not something that can be easily dismissed.

The question is – how can you prove it was not your fault? Enter DocuDent accident documentation kit.

This kit contains some of the most valuable items a driver can find at a time of an accident: a camera, step-by-step instructions, flashlight, measuring tape, pen and paper, and a whistle.

Regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, these items can prove their worth many times over.

What most people don’t know is that car insurance fraud is a $30 billion a year problem.

Not only can paying your deductible and the increase in your premium put a hole in your bank account, sometimes it may even go beyond that. Can the other driver make up additional passengers that all got injured (although none were really there at the time of the accident?) Things happen. And in some cases your insurance policy can only cover so much. The rest comes from you-know-who’s pocket.

The DocuDent kit can protect drivers from this fraud.

By taking ample photos at the accident scene the driver can minimize if not eliminate altogether the possibility that they’d be accused later on of something for which they were not responsible. As a matter of fact, the kit was created by a victim of such fraud. He was in his teens when a reckless driver crashed into his car and even had the audacity to accuse him for the accident.

DocuDent pledges to help minimize the fraud in America in which innocent drivers pay the bill. And not only experienced drivers, but mostly the unsuspecting: teen drivers and the elderly.

For more information, contact CEO Eytan Dovan or VP Alan Mitofsky at (323) 512-3700 or visit .

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