Proxix Solutions Unveils Brushfire Fuel Model

April 11, 2005

Proxix Solutions Inc., a provider of geo-spatial solutions, announced the availability of Brushfire/Fuel Rank, a proprietary brushfire fuel model to aid insurers to accurately determine the brushfire risk for a given geographical area.

Developed from four key elements for determining brushfire risk (slope, aspect, historic vegetation change and fuel load), Brushfire/Fuel Rank uses satellite imagery and digital elevation models to offer insurers a comprehensive database built from the smallest geographic units, grid cells 30 meters by 30 meters in size. This size spatial resolution reportedly maximizes the degree of accuracy.

Based on expected fire behavior for unique combinations of topography and vegetative fuels under given severe weather conditions, the Brushfire/Fuel assigns a ranking categorized in four classes: low, moderate, high and very high risk. This ranking enables insurers to determine current exposure and risks in brushfire prone areas prior to underwriting.

Highlights of Brushfire/Fuel features and benefits include:

* May be licensed and integrates with in-house geographic information systems (GIS);

* Accessible via Proxix’s Insurance Web Service, CATUM(TM) Online for interactive or batch processing;

* Includes annual updates;

* Customizable and flexible product

For more information on Proxix Solutions’ Brushfire/Fuel Rank, visit .

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