Manufacturer Makes Sweeping Recall of Leaf Vacuum

February 3, 2005

Country Home Products Inc. announced the recall of its Repair DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed

These leaf and lawn vacuums have a plastic elbow and blower exit adaptor that is connected to the top of the shredding chamber. The plastic can crack allowing stones, large sticks, and other material to puncture the plastic. This creates the possibility that pieces of plastic or other debris can fly upward toward bystanders or the operator. When this occurs, the potential for personal injury or property damage exists. This is more prone to occur when the outside temperatures are below 35 degrees.

Country Home Products has received 55 reports of failures of the plastic elbow and adapter cracking. Seven customers reported being struck by debris without injury. No property damage has been reported.

The recalled vacuum is designed to be pulled behind a lawn tractor. The product vacuums leaves and grass, shreds them and collects the shredded material in a large storage chamber. The leaf and lawn vacuums have a red circle with DR printed in black on each side of the chamber.

The vacuums were sold nationwide through mail orders, Internet, and retail stores for between $950 and $1,520 from September 2004 through November 2004

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