Claims Departments Look to New Technology

January 27, 2005

IMACC™ members are using new tools and technology to provide better service in the way of loss assessment.

The IMACC™ claimCAM™ provides complete real-time loss documentation to insurers within seconds. Some members are reportedly finding that the use of the claimCAM™ has resulted in strengthening pre-existing relationships and getting them noticed by insurers.

“The claimCAM™ has resulted in insurance carriers having more faith in our ability to document what the scene looks like at the time of the response,” said IMACC™ member Bob Huddleston of Archon Worldwide of Memphis, Tennessee. “The video documentation has a higher level of value than any email or phone call will ever have because people will believe what they see. I’m finding that when I show the claimCAM™ to prospective customers they’re really taking notice.”

Huddleston went up into the attic of a large apartment building during a recent ice storm. He was reportedly able to demonstrate and document for the insurer that water pipes were running on top of the insulation in the attic. The negligent installation of the plumbing caused pipes to break, soaking the building. Thanks reportedly to the immediate communication via the claimCAM™, the insurer now has a fully documented subrogation claim.

“We are finding that insurers love the claimCAM™ because it provides adjusters with a higher level of confidence in IMACC™ contractors. claimCAM™ is designed to resemble a generic claim file,” said Pat Harmon, IMACC™ President. “It is totally synchronous with claim operations.”

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