Pair of Services from ISO’s iiX Unit Helping Insurers Monitor Driver Violations

January 11, 2005

ISO’s Insurance Information Exchange (iiX) unit, a provider of insurance underwriting information, has introduced two services to help auto insurers better monitor their policyholders’ driving violations. iiX developed OnGuard and the Index of Activity Databases to help insurers reduce underwriting exposure at policy renewal time while holding down the cost of higher fees charged by states for motor vehicle reports (MVRs).

“As states raise their fees on motor vehicle reports, some insurers are looking for ways to reduce or even eliminate requesting the reports at renewal. Our driver monitoring services provide a preview of a person’s driving history, allowing insurers to utilize vehicle reports more efficiently and ultimately reduce premium leakage,” said Sean Quillivan, iiX general manager.

OnGuard continually monitors and notifies insurers when driving violations are posted to a policyholder’s driving record. OnGuard customers submit necessary information about their policyholders to iiX, including newly added and dropped insureds. iiX monitors the carrier’s book of business by comparing its client list against the activity files of state motor vehicle departments. If a policyholder has violations in the activity files, OnGuard provides the carrier with a violation indicator report or a current MVR on that individual.

The Index of Activity Databases cross-checks MVR requests from insurers on individual drivers against names in the databases and returns a “clear” on policyholders with no violations or sends an MVR directly from the state.

The Index saves insurers on their MVR service costs by allowing carriers to identify only drivers that have had driving violations within the insurer-specified time frame — typically a 6-, 12- or 36-month period.

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