Artwork Can Be Saved Despite Hurricanes

October 1, 2004

In the wake of the recent series of hurricane strikes in Florida and other areas of the country, ConservArt Inc. ( has published a list of detailed directions on how to save damaged works of art. No special knowledge, or equipment is required and the tips can reportedly help save much irreplaceable artwork if performed without delay.

“Simple but specific information about what can and should be done with artwork and collectibles following a flood or other disaster is very difficult to find,” said George Schwartz, director and senior conservator at ConservArt. “People are overwhelmed by many pressing issues and wrongly assume that there is nothing that they themselves can do to save their belongings.”

“For emergency salvage information to be useful, it must be specific, simple to follow and should not call for exotic equipment, materials, or processes.” Schwartz continued. “The ready availability of clear and detailed directions will empower people to take those crucial steps immediately, instead of waiting until it’s too late,” he concluded.

By having detailed information, homeowners can reportedly overcome the natural concern and try to save their valuables. Early action will lead to preserving many more irreplaceable works of art, family photographs and collectibles and help prevent further deterioration caused by water and mildew.

The suggestions contained in ConservArt’s Guide will reportedly benefit both the owners of damaged valuables and insurance companies, resulting in the survival of more precious belongings, while reducing claims.

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