Home Inventory Speeds Up Claims, Insures Proper Settlement for Impacted Individuals

March 23, 2004

An inventory of personal belongings will reportedly maximize one’s insurance claim by providing a written, video, and photographic record.

In a recent release, Delaware Valley Home Inventory Services noted that it provides a professional, reliable, third-party, inventory service. The service is designed for homes, apartments, condominiums, and small businesses.

Insurance companies and police departments will use these to prove ownership and assure a fast and proper settlement and return of one’s possessions. Insurance companies recommend that the public have documentation of their personal property to assure their families financial protection. They want to return one’s home and personal belongings to the way they were, but the burden of
proof is on the public to prove what was lost, destroyed or stolen.

Delaware Valley Home Inventory Services (www.delvalhomeinventory.com) will provide interested parties with the documentation they need to give them piece of mind, knowing that they have a record of all their possessions.

Insurance companies urge consumers to create a home inventory, because after a fire, theft, or other disaster it is impossible to remember everything one had and lost.

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner, Diane Koker, in reference to damages caused by severe weather, stated in a release: “Consumers need to spend time creating an inventory, keeping records and reviewing their insurance needs so that if they do sustain damage, they are well prepared.”

Most standard insurance policies reportedly only cover a limited amount on items such as jewelry, furs, firearms and collectibles. The few dollars one spends on higher premiums to cover these items, could save them thousands later.

According to the Insurance Information Institute less than 20 percent of consumers have a home inventory. Financial Planners agree that one should have an inventory of their personal belongings for estate planning.

Preparing an inventory will assure one that the possessions they’ve cared about all their life gets distributed the way they want. It will also make certain that their property will not be sold for pennies on the dollar.

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